12 Dinosaur cupcake wrappers | Jurassic themed party cupcake liners.

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Rawr! Journey back in time and celebrate your little child's DINO-MITE birthday with these adorable Dinosaur cupcake wrappers!
Perfect for a Jurassic Park - Jurassic World party, a dinosaurs themed birthday or baby shower celebration!

*Hand-crafted in multiple layers of high-quality texturized cardstock (not printed images).*


- Set of 12 standard-size cupcake holders, includes 6 different dinosaurs (2 each).


- Before using these wrappers we recommend to pop the cakes into an absorbing paper case or napkin to stop any grease that may seep out.
- These wrappers are NOT intended for baking and are solely for decorative purposes


♥ Thank you so much for shopping with us.


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