5 Must have STAR WARS party items!

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With the release of the new movie Rogue One, Star Wars is everywhere now.
Probably your little Jedi would like to celebrate his or her birthday with this cool theme, so I thought it would be a great idea to help you plan a perfect STAR WARS PARTY with these must have items that just can't miss on any galactic celebration!
1.  The CAKE! I think everyone remembers the scene where one of the most beloved droids BB8 gave a thumbs up to Finn in The Force Awakens movie. Wouldn't it be just perfect to have this unforgettable moment right in the middle of your candy table and even better to eat it!!?
Well, let me tell you it is possible! Check out this amazing Star Wars Cake with BB8 thumbs up!
BB8 Cake - Star Wars Party ideas.Photo by: Regal Kitchen.
However, if you are more of a fan for other Star Wars characters such as Stormtrooper, R2D2 Chewbacca, Darth Vader and even C3PO, then you may want to include a layered cake. Here are some examples of you can play with the characters on each tier. 
Star Wars tier cake - Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader - Star Wars birthday party ideas!Photo by: Cemlyn Cakes (UK).
BB8, Stormtrooper and chewbacca cake - Star Wars Cake ideasPhoto by: Pixy Cakes (Instagram).
Recently I just found out these outstanding sculptures from Mike's Amazing Cakes; if your son is a fan of the Empire maybe you can consider the head of Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper to be the cake!
StormTropper head cake! Star Wars party ideas!Darth Vader cake - Star Wars party ideas!
Mike's Amazing Cakes also made the Following cake, it caught my attention because is not common to find a cake specifically for the movie "The Force Awakens" which, by the way, I totally loved, so having the Villain Kylo Ren, Rey and BB8 together in one cake makes it just fabulous!
BB8, Rey and Kylo Ren cake - Star Wars - The Force awakens birthday party cake ideas!



2. Light sabers!! (Of course): These Energy Swords are the favorite weapons of all Star Wars history. 
The most known colors are Blue, Green, and Red.

A good idea is to include the Light Sabers as part of the STAR WARS Party Decoration, how? Making a Balloon Sculpture! Either on the entrance to the event or at each side of the dessert table, all kids will be surprised ­ when they see the Candy bar or gift table flanked by the giant Lightsabers!

Star Wars Giant Balloons Lightsaber balloon sculpture

Photo by: Birthday Express.

 You can also use the Light Sabers for the kids to play, they will have so much fun "fighting" with the swords that they will most likely forget tor return to the Rebel base to complete the mission! The best part? No one gets hurt, and they can use this toy to play indoor or outdoor! 
All you need is Pool Noodles, Duck tape and Electrical tape and just a bit or creativity!

Light sabers - Pool Noodle swords! - Star Wars party ideas

Photo by: Katie Marie Photography.

Star Wars party game ideas - Light saber swords!


3. SNACKS! Be creative with this one! There are so many ways you can adapt a regular snack to become a galactic food!  Here are some ideas that will help you decide what to offer your guests at you Star Wars party!

Star Wars cookies - Rogue one - The force awakens party food ideas

BB8, Yoda and R2D2 will bring the force to your dessert table. Cookies by: The Cookie Gallery.

Marshmallows or apple chewbacca bites!

Dip Marshmallows of apples in melted caramel and roll in cocoa krispies!

Star Wars food party ideas - C3PO Popcorn!

C-3Popcorn and Chewbacca bites by: Momtastic.


BB8 Treat holders - The Party Project - Handmade party supplies

BB8 Treat holders! They will make a great embellishment for those pretty cake pops, cake balls, marshmallows, strawberries, truffles, chocolates or other small treats!

 BB8 Treat boxes - Star Wars candy cups - The force awakens cady bar decorations

You can purchase these treat holders and other handmade Star Wars party supplies in our online store.


You can always use fun names to label food, here are some great menu ideas by Sarah Lemp. 

 Princess Lays: Chips

Thermal Detonators: Cheese puffs or malted milk balls

Obi-Wan Kabab-ies: Fruit kababs (could also be grilled chicken and veggies, etc)

Yoda Soda: Lime sherbet and Sprite or 7-Up

Vader-Ade: Red kool-ade or fruit punch

Wookie-Cookies: Any type of cookie

Hans-Rolos: Rolo candies

Han Burgers: Hamburgers

Hutt Dogs or Hoth Dogs: Hot dogs

Bow-Ba Fett Pasta: Bow tie pasta salad (I threw mine together with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, green peppers, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes)

Ewok Treats: Animal crackers

Leia’s Bunns: Cinnamon rolls

Vader Taters: Tater-tots

Millennium Falcorn: Corn on the cob

Carbonite Jello: Freeze a Han Solo action figure in Jello!

Storm Trooper Scoopers: Tortilla chip scoops and salsa or dip

Dark Side Cake: Chocolate cake

C-3P Oreos: Oreos

Palpatine’s Pizza: Pizza

First Order Fries: French fries

Qui-Gon Jinn-Gerbread: Gingerbread cookies.



Stormtrooper marshmallows - Star Wars party!

Photo and recipe by:  Real House Moms.

Kids will simply love them! And they are so easy to make all you need is white marshmallows and black edible markers.
You can use these marshmallows as hot chocolate toppers, and it will be a perfect drink for parties made in the winter season!

Star Wars party snacks - Stormtropper marshmallows

 Other easy to make snacks can be:

Star Wars party Snacks - DIY food ideas and recipes!

Photo by: Hy-Vee.

Last but not least: CUPCAKES! They can not miss in any party, adults and kids love them!
To match the theme, the color of the cupcakes could be black or dark blue with Gold sprinkles on top to decorate the icing. The final touch will be given by the Star Wars Cupcake toppers including all Star Wars movie characters featuring: R2-D2, Chewbacca,  Princes Leia,  Darth Vader,  Stormtrooper, The Dead Star,  C3PO,  Boba Fett,  The Millennium Falcon, Red and Blue lightsabers and the newest star wars droid BB-8!

Galactic Wars Cupcake toppers!

You can purchase the Star Wars cupcake toppers here.  


4. JEDI COSTUMES! You can include Jedi Robes for each guest at your party, these DIY no-sew Jedi tunics are SO easy to make and will help your younglings feel strong with the Force! And the best part is they will be the best complement and perfect match for the Lightsabers (The pool noodle ones I mentioned before). So here you have a complete Star Wars outfit for hours and hours of fun!Here is how to make them!

Star Wars costumes - Jedi Robes

There's a more elaborated option which one of our customers (Scarlett) used for his little son's birthday, the complete attire looks terrific; she followed this tutorial to create them and I absolutely loved how the turned out!

Star Wars outfit

Star Wars birthday costumes - Party ideas for kids.

Would you recognize Princess Leia without the Buns? I don't think so! Good news for you, there are so easy to make, you will only need A headband, Thick brown yarn, Brown felt, Hot glue and Elastic bands. The step by step instruction can be found here.

Princess Leia costume idea.  

Photos and costumes idea by: Made it, Ate it, Loved it. 

Princess leia buns! - Star Wars princess leia costumes!

The easiest way to make Princess Leia Buns are these Yarn headbands, see the step by step tutorial by As the Bunny Hops here.


5. BIRTHDAY BANNERS! The decoration plays an important role when setting up the correct ambient and is the basis for a complete theme party celebration; basically, that's how the party comes alive! And one of the key elements that can't miss is, of course, a happy birthday banner! Generally, banners are hung on top of the candy bar table but they can also be hung on the entrance door as a welcome sign or of the party is outdoors then they will be hung on fences or tables, they key is that they never miss! This is an idea of how to use a birthday banner as a backdrop; our client Stephanie shared this photo with us at her son's 1/2 year celebration! Isn't it cute?


Star Wars party planning - Candy Bar set up by The Party Project.

You can purchase the Star Wars banner here.

Star Wars birthday banner!

 Star Wars party banner

Whether you're apart of the First Order or the Rebel Alliance, everyone will enjoy these Star Wars party ideas! 

Star Wars birthday celebration!

Photos and costumes idea by: Made it, Ate it, Loved it.



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